ABBREVIATED PRESCRIBING INFORMATION. Presentations: Cream - a thick white cream containing white soft paraffin 13.2% w/w and light liquid paraffin 10.5% w/w. Bath Additive-  A clear liquid containing light liquid paraffin 82.8% w/w. Indications: symptomatic relief of red, inflamed, damaged, dry or chapped skin, especially when associated with endogenous or exogenous eczema. Dosage:  Cream - apply to dry skin areas as required and rub in. Bath additive - Adults:  add one/two capfuls to a warm water bath; children: add half/one capful to a warm water bath. Shower: apply to wet skin lightly with a wet sponge. Contra-indications:  hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients. Special warnings and precautions: care should be taken if allergy to any of the ingredients is suspected. Care should be exercised when entering or leaving the bath. Avoid contact with eyes. Side-effects: (Refer to the Smpc for full list) very rarely mild skin reactions have been seen including rash and erythema, in which case the product should be discontinued. Market Authorisation numbers: Cetraben Emollient Cream: PL 17320/0001.Cetraben Emollient  Bath Additive PL 17320/0002. Market Authorisation Holder: Pharma Health Care Ltd, Russell Bedford House, City Forum, 250 City Road, London Ec1V 2QQ, United Kingdom. Legal category: GSL. Basic NHS prices: Cream-50g pump dispenser 1.40, 150g pump dispenser 3.98, 500g pump dispenser 5.99, 1050g pump dispenser 11.62. Oil - 500ml container 5.75. Further information from : Medical Information, Genus Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Park View House, 65 London Road, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 1JN. Cetraben is a registered trademark .

Date of Preparation:  August 2010

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